More detail from the reviewers...

"Extraordinarily well acted by Raoul, who manages to hold the audience’s attention for a continuous hour and a half (no interval) - I found nuances in his acting similar to David Thewlis (Professor Lupin in Harry Potter)...A Meta, dark, self-deprecating performance piece of which Charlie Kaufman would be proud." (OutInCanberra)

"Raoul Craemer’s ‘Pigman’s Lament’ at the Street Theatre is a fascinating, startling and entertaining theatrical experience... Craemer’s performance is intense, controlled, funny at times and always interesting.  We may have different personal experiences to him but, through his down-to-earth performance, we can identify with a lot of the personal anxieties displayed here.  His clever script has been enhanced by the imaginative direction by Paulo Castro who makes sure there’s not one moment that isn’t exciting to look at or listen to." (Canberra Critics Circle)

"The Pigman’s Lament is an intense, surreal monologue...Craemer commands attention, aided by excellent production support. You can see the artistry of director Paulo Castro who has a fine visual sensibility in the theatre of the absurd tradition... Anyone who enjoys experimental theatre will appreciate the cleverness of this visually stunning piece." (Stage Whispers)

"Pigman's Lament is an intriguing investigation of an individual's search for the essential, elusive answer to "who am I?" By definition, the avant-garde is experimental, unorthodox and innovative. Actor Raoul Craemer's solo performance, Pigman's Lament, is according to the criteria, intrinsically avant-garde. With director Paulo Castro, Craemer explores a puzzling and perplexing world of contradictions, combining the gentle spirit of Indian poet-weaver, Kabir, and the soothing lullaby of Brahms with the fearsome intimidation of a German grandfather... He is an accomplished actor, who commands an appealing presence on stage." (Canberra Times/The Age/Sydney Morning Herald)

"Moments of stunning focus ... it is refreshing to witness poetic and adventurous use of theatre as an artistic expression touching something deeper than the current trend of plays being so devoid of content and offering only smart, though shallow, presentation." (CityNews)

"Playwright and actor Raoul Craemer takes the audience through reality and hallucination, past and present, Germany and Australia. Craemer is masterful in the quick transitions ...  Castro’s direction also adds a level of interest to a one-man-on-stage situation. Craemer steps on every square centimetre, leaping and striding and shuffling around the tiny stage...If you like small and introspective pieces that are personal and original, then Pigman’s Lament is spot on." (Australian Stage)

"Canberra playwright and performer Raoul Craemer has been working in this difficult territory—family secrets, tormented pasts, cultural rivalries—for the past three years. He has paired up with celebrated Adelaide-based Portuguese theatre-maker Paulo Castro for this final stage, the director capturing the restless uncertainty of the narrative, keeping Craemer moving, unnerving himself, constantly switching roles. Seven characters have been resolved into two, with the actor playing grandfather and grandson: a shared ancestry. The conceit is successful." (RealTime Arts)